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Morihei Ueshiba Sensei taught many students throughout his very long career, and these students in turn founded a number of Aikido schools. The difference between these schools depends in part upon when these students trained with Ueshiba throughout Ueshiba’s life Aikido continued to evolve and in part upon the individual personality of the student.

One of Ueshiba’s most exceptional students was Gozo Shioda. 

Shioda entered Ueshiba Sensei’s school in 1932, at the age of 17, and trained under him for the next twenty years, except for a five year hiatus caused by the war. At the end of this time Shioda was granted a license to start his own school. In 1954 Shioda was awarded first prize in an All Japan Martial Arts Exhibition, and his subsequent reputation helped him establish the Yoshinkan Aikido school in Tokyo. In addition to its many regular students, the Yoshinkan provides instructors for the 40,000 Tokyo Metropolitan police. In some special squads on the Tokyo police force, advancement in Aikido is a requirement for promotion.

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