Ready to Get Started?


Getting started is easy! Just come to a class.  Bring a willingness to learn and have fun. Wear loose and long sweat pants and a t-shirt. Remove any jewelry and for long hair, just tie it back.

What will class be like? Classes focus on learning the basics of the art. Beginners (white belts) will receive an emphasis on safety, and basic stances and movements. Because Aikido involves throws, learning to fall correctly is important too! New students are always welcome to drop in and train or send us an email to schedule your visit. Either way is fine. (

Can I train with a partner or my family? Yes!  At Bushokan we encourage families or friends to train together! Talk to us about special discounts.

What are the cost involved? There two costs to getting started. A monthly training fee allows you to come to any dojo training session, an annual association fee, plus some simple training equipment.

Equipment Fees: You will need a training uniform (Dogi) and wooden weapons (Buki) for your training. Prices can vary but for basic models

Dogi (Training Uniform): $20 to $75

Buki (Wooden Training Weapons & carry bag): $60

Training Fees:

$85 monthly dues. Student and family discounts available.

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